METS 2024

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Kongsberg Maritime will display the latest engineering and technology solutions for the passenger vessel market at the 2024 edition of METS in Amsterdam

Kongsberg Maritime will display the latest energy-saving, fuel efficient technology and engineering solutions in passenger vessels, including ferries, cruise ships, and superyachts. 

Expedition superyachts

Superyacht owners are increasingly interested in venturing farther from the marina, and Kongsberg Maritime's experience in ocean research vessels is perfectly suited to the adventure owner. 

Integrated explorer superyachts from Kongsberg Maritime

Find out more about our Ship Design services for superyachts and how far owners and captains can go

Passenger vessels

The passenger segment is leading the way in preparing to meet 2030 and 2050 IMO and regional regulations. There is a need for owners and operators to ensure passenger experience and perception are second to none.

We work with the world’s leading owners and operators offering integrated solutions, from efficient dual-fuel engines and hybrid systems to propulsion, lifecycle services and navigation, and automation systems. We offer a clear reliable route to decarbonisation, safety, and efficiency.

Passenger vessels

Ferries, cruise ships, superyachts, and more

We offer owners and builders state-of-the-art propulsion systems, bridge systems, dynamic positioning control systems, information management systems, and electrical control systems. Our integrated solutions combine these systems to raise fuel and operational efficiency while lowering long term costs. 

Kongsberg Maritime is also a leader in automation systems that can assist ferry operators with routine yet critical tasks. 

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