Automatic identification system

The AIS BS600 is the fourth generation RoHS compatible AIS Base Station from Kongsberg Seatex with built-in storage capability, sensitivity better than -115 dBm, software defined radio (SDR) and a smooth design of a 2U 19” rack mountable platform. The BS600 is designed and tested in accordance with all relevant international standards including: IEC 62320-1 and ITU M-1371.

Critical Component in AIS Networks

The AIS Base Station is the primary component in an AIS Hot stand-by Physical Shore Station (PSS), and therefore the most vital component in a coastal AIS network. The AIS BS600 receives and communicates AIS data from all AIS sources: AIS mobile stations, other AIS Base Stations, AIS Aids to Navigation units, Search and Rescue units etc, within the VHF coverage area. The AIS system provides a valuable tool to increase the situation awareness, the efficiency of operations and safety. Experience shows that the workload for operators involved in vessel tracking and monitoring is considerably decreased after the introduction of AIS.

Enhanced Sensitivity and Remote Capabilities

Kongsberg Seatex has also been developing satellite based AIS receivers and this space-based AIS technology has strong focus on receiver sensitivity. The high sensitivity has been incorporated in the AIS BS600. The increased sensitivity exceeds the requirements in international standards and regulations, and is an incredible enhancement in terms of signal reception. The AIS BS600 has several serial interfaces and an Ethernet/LAN interface, making it easy to interface the base station to other equipment or data networks. From the AIS Service Management Application Suite a single AIS BS600, or a network of base stations, can be remotely operated and maintained. The AIS BS600 supports configuration and firmware upgrade via a web interface.

Efficient Deployment and DGNSS Correction Distribution

An integrated display and keyboard enables easy configuration of essential parameters. Detailed setup can be carried out via the web interface. The AIS BS600 is able to broadcast DGNSS corrections through the standardized AIS Msg 17. Hence, differential corrections can be transmitted to all vessels which carries an AIS mobile station if the vessel is located within the base stations coverage area. The AIS BS600 supports RTCM via serial and LAN interface.

Key features

  • Sensitivity better than -115 dBm
  • Built-in storage capability of AIS raw data
  • SNMP v.2
  • WEB interface for remote configuration and SW update
  • AIS data filtering capabilities
  • RTCM v.2.3 support for reception of DGPS corrections on LAN or serial interface
  • Can optionally be delivered with built-in IALA correction receiver
  • Three remotely configurable receivers (TDMA/DSC)
  • AIS repeater functionality in accordance with IEC 62320-3
  • USB interface for firmware upgrade
  • Transmission of virtual AtoN, implementation of a subset of IEC62320-2 functionality
  • Built-in display in front of unit for easy onsite configuration
  • Supporting NTP as client and server
  • Available auxiliary equipment enabling functionality such as: Separate or combined transmitting and receiving antennas, Remotely controlled hard power reset of PSS equipment, DGNSS reference and monitor stations

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