Automatic identification system

The AIS AQ610 is based upon the new generation AIS Base Station range from Kongsberg, designed in accordance with all relevant international standards including IEC 62320-1/-2 and ITU M-1371-5. It has a sensitivity better than -115 dBm and a 1U 19’’ rack mountable smooth design.

Optimized for Maritime Operations

The Kongsberg AIS AQ610 is specially designed for use in offshore maritime operations, such as wind energy and aquaculture farms. The AIS AQ610 receives and communicates AIS data from all AIS sources: AIS mobile stations, AIS base stations, AIS Aids to Navigation units, Search and Rescue (AIS SAR) units, and Man-over-Board (AIS MOB) units within the VHF coverage area. The AIS system has proven to be a valuable tool to increase the situation awareness and the efficiency of operations and safety.

Advanced Sensitivity for Enhanced Reception

Kongsberg Seatex has also developed satellite based AIS receivers and this space-based AIS technology has strong focus on receiver sensitivity. The high sensitivity has been incorporated in the AIS AQ610. The increased sensitivity exceeds the requirements in international standards and regulations, and is an incredible enhancement in terms of signal reception.

Special Functions and Remote Configuration

Special functions of the AIS AQ610 include electronic AIS marking of the real position of infrastructure, and virtual marking of the outer perimeter of the operational area. All vessels equipped with AIS will receive information indicating the area of operation of the aquaculture location. Integration with meteorological sensors for local distribution of weather data, local vessel AIS monitoring, and remote monitoring of vessel activity from the main control centre for logistic purposes are also featured. The AIS AQ610 has an Ethernet/LAN interface for easy interfacing with other equipment or data networks. From the AIS Central Monitor Application, a single AIS AQ610, or a network of these, can be remotely operated and maintained. The AIS AQ610 supports configuration and firmware update via a web interface.

Key features

  • Sensitivity better than -115 dBm
  • SNMP v.2
  • WEB interface for remote configuration and software update
  • Three remotely configurable receivers (TDMA/DSC)
  • USB interface for firmware update
  • Transmission of virtual AtoN, implementation of a subset of IEC 62320-2 functionality
  • Serial interface, data (RS-232)
  • Optional combined 100 to 240 V AC and 24 V DC version
  • Supporting NTP as client and server
  • Interface to meteorological sensors (option)
  • Own position message (synthetic VDO) for map presentation

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