VPN client for employees and external partners

Download the preconfigured VPN client used within Kongsberg Maritime to connect to our network

Available software

There are two software packages available, one for External Partners, and one for Employees. Download the relevant package, unzip it and install in Windows.

Note for Consultants (with a KONGSBERG account)

  • Use the VPN client for Employees.

Note for External Partners

  • Only for user accounts starting with X.
  • The Partner software have only one site preconfigured (partner.km.kongsberg.com).
  • If you need more help ask your KONGSBERG sponsor for instructions.

Note for Employees

  • This software is only intended for installation on company computers.
  • Employees should primarily install the software from Software Center.
  • The software available here is only intended for emergencies, e.g. when working remotely and you need to reinstall the VPN client manually.
  • The Employees software have several sites preconfigured. Choose the site nearest to your location before connecting.
  • More information is available on INSIDE.

Software downloads

For Employees: CheckPointMobileE87.60_KM.zip

For KNC: CheckPointMobileE87.60_KNC.zip

For Partners: CheckPointMobileE87.60_Partner.zip