Current software version

We recommend that you always keep your Simrad SX90 system upgraded with the latest software version.

The current software version is 23.9.1

All applicable information related to this software release can be found in the Software Release Note.

The Software Release Note is only available in English.

General information

Contact your local dealer for assistance. He/she can provide the software update and will install the software for you. Your dealer can also provide other advice related to the use and maintenance of your sonar system.

You can only download the software upgrade if you are one of our registered dealers or distributors.

New user interface

Software version 3.1.2 introduced a new user interface for the SX90. If you have an older system and wish to use this new user interface you must upgrade your Processor Unit. Consult your dealer for more information.

One or two computers

On single computer systems, the SX90 Processor Unit performs all processing tasks. All SX90 sonars delivered after January 2010 are fitted with only one computer.

On the older dual computer SX90 systems, the Processor Unit software is the SX90 program that controls the menu system, operational modes, features and presentations. The Beamformer Unit software controls how the data from the Transceiver Unit are received and processed prior to presentation.

The latest software version for the dual computer configuration is SW 2.0.2. Software development has stopped for this system.