Simrad SX90

Long-range 20-30 kHz fish-finding omnidirectional sonar

The Simrad SX90 is a long-range, low-frequency fish-finding sonar. It is specially designed for vessels where long range is criteria No.1. The Simrad SX90 is a long-range omnidirectional low-frequency sonar. The SX90 is designed for medium and large-sized fishing vessels. It was originally developed for purse seiners, but experience has proven that it is also well-suitable for trawlers.

WINSON operating software

The SIMRAD SX90 uses the latest Winson software, a unique platform common to all Simrad sonars. It allows you to present the various sonar echoes in separate views, which can be placed on separate display monitors. Another great feature of the new software is its ability to "ping" all the beams simultaneously. This increases the ping rate and thus offers a more frequent update of the sonar echoes in the views.

Sonar operating panel

You can set up your SIMRAD SX90 sonar with the Mk2 Sonar Operating Panel. This operating panel uses a handy multifunction joystick. The joystick facilitates tilt, vertical, and inspection beam control through simple pushes or twists of the knob. The operating panel communicates with the Processor Unit using an Ethernet connection. This communication format allows for advanced functionality. You can manage up to four different SIMRAD sonars using a single panel. Conversely, up to three panels in various locations on the vessel can operate a single sonar. The USB port on the operating panel also provides convenient software upgrades and user settings management. The sonar operating panel also features dedicated and customizable buttons and knobs, and its design allows for a straightforward upgrade from older panels using a mounting bracket.

SX90 Sonar system overview

The SIMRAD SX90 is a versatile sonar system tailored for fishing vessels of all sizes, including both purse seiners and trawlers. Its central operational frequency is set at 26 kHz, with the flexibility to select any frequency between 20 to 30 kHz in 1 kHz increments. This system is equipped with a cylindrical multi-element transducer, enabling the omnidirectional sonar beams to be electronically tilted from -10 to +60° in 1° steps. Such functionality is crucial for automatically tracking fish schools and observing the entire water volume around the vessel. Additionally, the SX90 incorporates a stabilizing system for electronic pitch and roll compensation, enhancing its operational effectiveness.

Integration and user Interface

The SIMRAD SX90 features various standard interface lines for seamless communication with peripheral devices and sensors. It typically integrates inputs like geographical information from positioning systems, vessel speed, and current heading. While it comes with a built-in motion sensor, there is also the option to connect an external motion reference unit (MRU) for heightened operational accuracy. The user interface and operating software of the SX90 are consistent with other sonars, echo sounders, and catch monitoring systems from the same manufacturer, allowing for easier and faster training of new users.

Advanced echo presentation and tracking function

Echo presentations on the SIMRAD SX90 are optimized for use with multiple displays. With the Docking Views function, any sonar view can be moved to a separate display and automatically scaled for optimal visualization. Unique to the SX90 is its ability to build all sonar views in the echo presentation from a single ping, significantly improving the update rate and providing real-time information. Additionally, the SX90 allows for the recording of real-time sonar situations, a step beyond the traditional screen captures, enabling the replay of complete sequences for purposes like mission history, training, or troubleshooting. The tracking function of the SX90 has been enhanced to utilize echo information from both horizontal and vertical transmissions. Emphasis has been placed on an intuitive user interface and superior sonar presentations on a high-resolution color display. The system boasts advanced signal processing software, including Hyperbolic FM (HFM) transmissions or "chirp", ensuring a clutter-free picture with exceptional resolution in range. The signal processing and beamforming are executed in a fast digital signal processing system, leveraging the full dynamic range of the signals.

Key features

  • Low frequency, high-definition
  • long range sonar
  • Eleven user selectable frequencies from 20 to 30 kHz
  • Hyperbolic FM mode for improved detection range in various conditions
  • Vertical and horizontal presentations for comprehensive fish school view
  • Store and recall sonar data and define user settings
  • Easy operation for sustainable fisheries

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