System diagram

The Simrad SY50 comprises a computer with an operating panel, a power supply and a hull unit with a transducer.


(A) Display (Second display is optional)
(B) Processor Unit
(C) Operating Panel (Option)
(D) Power Supply Unit
(E) Hull Unit
(F) Hoist motor
(G) Installation trunk
(H) Transducer

The cable between the wheelhouse units and the power supply in the sonar room must be a high-quality Ethernet cable. This cable can be purchased locally or ordered from us.

Processor Unit

The Processor Unit comprises a single powerful maritime computer. It is provided as a standard part of the delivery. It serves several functions.

The Processor Unit handles the advanced signal processing required to present the information on the display, and it allows you to control the sonar. It provides the graphic presentation of the sonar views and the images that are created, it holds the menu system, communicates with the transceiver circuitry, and reads information from the peripheral units. The computer is based on a commercial design, but the software and hardware have been specified and assembled specifically to meet the sonar requirements.

Operating Panel

The Operating Panel allows you to access to the most frequently used functions in a fast and efficient manner. It also provides a trackball and the necessary control buttons to operate the menu system.

Power Supply Unit

A dedicated power supply unit is provided with the SY50 system. The purpose of the Power Supply Unit is to provide the hull unit with the necessary power for operation. The Power Supply Unit also controls the Ethernet communication between the transducer and the Processor Unit. The Power Supply Unit further contains the logic circuitry required to control the lower and hoist operation, as well as a small motion sensor. The Power Supply Unit is mounted on the bulkhead close to the hull unit.

Hull unit

The hull unit is designed to lower the transducer down below the ship’s hull when the sonar system shall be used. When the sonar is turned off, the transducer is hoisted for protection.

The hull unit is a mechanical construction. It is mounted on the top of the installation trunk. The installation trunk penetrates the ship's hull and allows the transducer to be lowered into the sea. The hull unit is normally located in the forward part of the vessel. This location is recommended to avoid the noise from the propellers and the engine.