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Simrad FX80

The Simrad FX80 is an innovative and advanced catch monitoring system that allows you to monitor the fish activity inside your fishing gear using a live video stream.

A real-time video feed from the trawl has long been desired by fishermen and researchers alike.

Cabling and slip-rings have been the issue. One of the primary design criteria of the Simrad FX80 system was to make it work on existing 3rd wire cables. We have achieved this goal using copper core coax cables. The use of existing copper core coax cables eases the cost and reduces the installation time.

Key functions

  1. Revolutionizes your ability to identify, analyse and catch
  2. Live video feed from inside the trawl
  3. Video recording, editing, export and playback
  4. Requires high quality 3rd wire cable
  5. Small and light-weight system offers easy installation
  6. Easy operation using familiar graphic interfaces
  7. System may include optional high resolution Simrad DFS75 Trawl sonar
  8. With the DFS75, enjoy high resolution colour sonar and echo sounder images

System description

Real-time video is and will be of significant use when addressing by-catch and by-catch avoidance issues. Trawl behaviour can be viewed in real time with the FX80 system. Fish behaviour can also be observed in real time. The real-time aspects and advantages of the FX80 takes the speculation and guess work out of the equation. This has the potential to increase the efficiency of any trawling operation and will stimulate the creativity of fishermen, trawl and gear manufacturers.

The Simrad DFS75 Trawl sonar is integrated into the Simrad FX80 system to establish an efficient and accurate monitoring system for your gear and your catch. The combination of the high resolution images from the trawl sonar and the live video feed provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to identify and analyse both trawl movements and fish behaviour.

The Simrad FX80 system is based on a well proven high resolution underwater camera. Accompanied by a high-density LED light, the camera is usually placed under the headrope or in the cod end, pointing with the desired angle. The camera sends its information to the FX80 Communication Hub installed inside the FX80 Deployment Unit, which is usually located near the headrope. The communication between the hub and FX80 Bridge Control Unit is made by a standard 3rd wire cable.

The entire Simrad FX80 system – with live video and high resolution sonar – is controlled from a standard Processor Unit. It is small, but yet powerful, and contains no moving parts. The system design will allows you to use two displays. Many users prefer this configuration, as it allows them to use one display system for the trawl sonar presentations, and another for the live video feed.

System diagram

The Simrad FX80 system comprises a Processor Unit (computer), the Bridge Control Unit, and the two subsea units. This is a simplified system diagram. Power cables, uninterrupted power supplies and external interfaces are not shown.


(A) Colour display (two displays may be used)
(B) Processor Unit (personal computer)
(C) Bridge Control Unit
(D) 3rd wire (commercial, not provided with FX80 delivery)
(E) Trawl Deployment Unit (holds the Communication Hub and the Sonar Head)
(F) 4th wire
(G) FX80 Camera Unit (video camera and lamp)


The number of displays must be chosen to fit the preferences of the crew. Many users prefer separate displays for the trawl sonar and the live video feed. Colour displays are not included in the standard delivery. These are commercial items that can be purchased locally.

Winch and third wire

The winch system on the trawl deck and the 3rd wire cable must be provided by a third party manufacturer.

Camera Unit

The Simrad FX80 Camera Unit (containing the camera and LED lamp) can be remotely mounted on the trawl up to 600 meters from the headrope. In these cases you will need for a winch to handle this “4th wire” cable. This winch needs to be installed on deck in a practical location as the (up to) 600 meters of cable will be spooled entirely off and then back on with each tow. You will also need a rope that do not stretch (for example Kevlar) to protect the cable.

In applications where the camera is located on a kite or at the headrope there is no need for this cable and winch.

The "4th wire" cable is supplied with the Simrad FX80 delivery. The required length can be decided at the time of purchase, or lengths can be added at a later time. The system itself is not set for any particular length.


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