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Simrad EY60 Portable scientific echo sounder

This product is no longer sold

The Simrad EY60 is the portable version of the EK60 scientific echo sounder. It is the ‘de facto’ world standard system for fishery research applications.

The portable Simrad EY60 is designed for rugged conditions, and it is specifically suited for use in lakes and rivers. The Simrad EY60 provides biologists, scientists and technicians with the most easy-to-use and reliable biomass assessment and fish tracking tool today.

Simrad EY60

  • High dynamic range
  • Raw data recording
  • Low self noise
  • High ping rate
  • Multi frequency application for species identification
  • Simultaneous transmission of all frequencies
  • Several frequencies covering same sampling volume
  • Remote control
  • Store and reload personal settings
  • Data server interface for raw data recording

The Simrad EY60 scientific echo sounder is designed to withstand the harsh environments of field work.

The Simrad EY60 is probably the most easy-to-use and reliable biomass assessment and fish tracking tool today. If you post-process your data using the third party software applications Sonar4 or Sonar5 by Lindem Data Acquisition, the Simrad EY60 will provide biologists, scientists and technical specialists highly accurate information related to biomass. All post-processing applications that are compatible with Simrad EK60 can also be used with Simrad EY60.

The Simrad EY60 uses the Simrad ER60 echo sounder software application. This is the same application as used on the Simrad EK60 system

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