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Simrad SC90

The Simrad SC90 is a perfect "catching machine". It is ideal for mackerel, tuna and fish close to the bottom.

The combination of horizontal and vertical beams shows you the fish both from above with "birds eyes" and sidways as a "slice" - simultaneously. This gives you vital information about the school without having to pass over the it. Full beam stabilization maintains a clear picture of the target even in rough seas.

The SC90 is designed for fishing vessels of all sizes, both purse seiners and trawlers. The centre operational frequency is 85 kHz, but you can select any operational frequency from 82.5 to 86.5 kHz in steps of 0.5 kHz.

Key functionality

  • 360 degrees omnidirectional
  • 90 degrees vertical tip
  • Operational frequency adjustable from 82.5 to 86.5 kHz in steps of 0.5 kHz
  • Narrow beams
  • Linear FM transmissions (LFM)
  • Large dynamic range
  • High definition
  • Stabilized beams
  • Easy operation
  • Store and recall sonar data
  • Define and save your own user settings
  • Clear and easily comprehensive sonar data
  • 16 transceiver boards provide 480 individual channels

Simrad SC90

The cylindrical multi-element transducer allows the omnidirectional sonar beam to be tilted electronically from +10 to -60° in 1° steps. This allows you to automatically track schools of fish, and to observe the whole water volume around the vessel. A stabilizing system is included for electronic pitch and roll compensation.

Great emphasis has been placed on giving the best possible sonar presentations on a high resolution colour display.

The SC90 is equipped with Simrad’s celebrated signal processing software. It includes Linear FM transmissions to ensure a clutter free picture with very high resolution in range.

The signal processing and beamforming is performed in a fast digital signal processing system using the full dynamic range of the signals. In addition to the traditional single frequency transceiver system, the SC90 contains an advanced frequency modulated filter system (FM).

The SC90 Processor Unit is controlled by the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. This allows for a flexible choice of presentation modes, and for a large range of user applications.


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