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Simrad PX InSight

Simrad offers a wide selection of catch monitoring sensors. Each catch sensor provides accurate information about the current situation, and you can use this information to increase the efficiency of the catch.

Assembling a cost effective "sensor package" can be a challenge. The "PX InSight" helps you with just that by taking the "mystery" out of sensor selection.

By means of the 3D presentation and a intuitive user interface, you can easily populate your single or double trawl with the required sensors to make the measurements you need. And the key phrase here is "measurements". Since most of the catch sensors can make several measurements simultaneously, the assistance provided by the PX InSight program helps you to avoid uneccessary purchaes.

PX InSight example: A single trawl is populated with sensors to measure door spread and catch. The sensor of the headrope is a PX TrawlEyeproviding an echogram of the trawl opening. The sensor of the cod end is a PX MultiCatch providing the catch measurement.

When you use the PX InSight program, simply choose single or double trawl, select either the SR15/SR70 or PI50 receiver, adjust the maximum measure count for the sensor types, and then add measurements.

When all the measurements are added, select Generate layout to create a 3D rendering of the chosen trawl with all the required sensors in their correct locations.

Output functionality includes the image to BMP or PDF formats, as well as the complete list of sensors - with order numbers! - on Excel format.

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