Simrad PI Configurator Software releases

The PI Configurator utility can be downloaded free of charge.

Current software version

The current software version is 4.32 released July 2010.

Operating systems

The PI Configurator runs on Windows® XP® and Windows® 7 operating systems.

Do I need an upgrade?

The current software release is the only version that will work on all current and future PI and PS sensors.

Use of the PI CIC Interface Unit is strongly recommended. It must be used on all computers not offering an RS-232 interface.


Please observe the following instructions. Note that certain anti virus applications may cause the installation process to fail. If you suspect this, close down the anti virus protection, and reinstall the PI Configurator.

  1. Download the PI Configurator software to your hard disk.
    It is provided on a ISO file.
  2. Burn the ISO file to a CD using the "Burn image to CD" (or similar) feature.
  3. If you have an old version of the PI Configurator installed, remove it.
  4. Close down all programs on your computer
  5. Insert the CD. The installation program starts automatically. Follow the instructions provided.

If you fail to burn the CD correctly, the installation will not work. Observe that you must use the "Burn image to CD" feature in your burning program.