Simrad PI Configurator PI CIC Interface unit

The Simrad PI Configurator software utility runs on a normal computer, and uses serial communication to interface the PI sensors.

Since computers now hardly provide serial ports any longer, Simrad has developed the PI CIC (Configurator Interface Cable). This new interface unit allows you to connect the PI sensor to any USB port on your computer.

The PI CIC unit connects to the PI sensor using the two alligator clips. The other cable from the unit connects to a USB port on your computer.


Software driver

The software driver required for the PI CIC unit is provided on the same CD as the PI Configurator utility. The software can be downloaded free of charge.

Operating systems and BIOS software change frequently. If you experience problems with the USB driver on the CD, you may try to use the newer version provided. It may also be necessary to connect the PI CIC to a USB connector on the computer's main board. USB connectors connected through a hub have been known to fail.