About Simrad echo sounder transducers

Simrad transducers are all high quality and accurate instruments for fish finders and scientific systems

We design and builds our own echo sounder and sonar transducers. These are recognized throughout the world as the pinnacle of hydroacoustic technology. The design and advanced electronics employed provide unlimited possibilities for electronic control of the beams around and below the vessel. The broad band transducer elements enable the products to operate over a wide frequency range.


New transducers have been designed for the fishing industry using the very latest Simrad technology. Connected to a Simrad echo sounder, these instruments are highly sensitive at any depth and capable of detecting single fish below 1000 meters. New developments in design have also made Simrad transducers more efficient requiring less power output. This compares favorably to other transducers which require up to 10kW to achieve a similar performance.