Temperature measurements

Fishing in too warm or too cold water may be just a waste of time and money. The same applies to a pelagic trawl placed on the wrong side of a thermal layer. Using advanced technology, rugged construction and award winning design, the Simrad catch monitoring sensors allow you to increase your fishing efficiency. The sensor tells you the exact sea water temperature while you are fishing.


The water temperature is an important parameter. Fish and bait are temperature sensitive, and they are normally found within specific temperature zones for feeding and spawning.

However, the temperature layers in the water are changing constantly, and for this reason the temperature must be monitored constantly. Fishing in an area with unfavourable water temperature might be just a waste of time!

For any kind of trawling, use this sensor to monitoring and log the temperature. Then, increase your knowledge about the correlation between temperature, fish concentration and catch efficiency. On a purse seine net, monitor the temperature to see when you are passing the thermo-cline.