Order numbers

To order a sensor, or any of the optional items provided with it, contact your local dealer. If you do not have a regular dealer, a list of all our distributors and dealers can be found on this website.

Your dealer will also be able to help with a detailed quotation providing price and delivery information.

Simrad PX MultiCatch

  • [418258] PX MultiCatch Depth/Temperature
  • [418524] PX MultiCatch Catch/Temperature

Simrad PX MultiSensor (Mk2)

  • [419122] PX MultiSensor (Basic)
  • [420642] PX MultiSensor Depth/Temperature
  • [420643] PX MultiSensor with Geometry transponder
  • [419121] Upgrade PX MultiSensor Mk1 to Mk2

Simrad PX TrawlEye

  • [396812] PX TrawlEye (Basic)
  • [396813] PX TrawlEye Depth/Temperature
  • [396814] PX TrawlEye Catch/Temperature

Simrad PX Universal

  • [418456] PX Universal Depth/Temperature

Software licenses for additional measurements

  • [419108] One additional measurement
  • [419109] Two additional measurements
  • [419110] Three additional measurements