Depth measurements

Depth measurements provide you with accurate information about the current depth of the sensor. If you for example place the sensor behind the headrope, you will be able to monitor the depth of the headrope. The functionality provided by the Simrad catch monitoring system will also allow you to monitor the depth changes, so that you can make relevant adjustments whenever necessary.

Bottom trawl

On a bottom trawl, you can use the sensor to achieve full control when shooting, and to position the trawl on the slope.

Pelagic trawl

During pelagic trawling, you know how important it is to position the trawl relative to the largest concentration of fish. By using a depth sensor, you can monitor the exact depth of the gear relative to the surface, and adjust the trawl depth accordingly. Additional depth sensors on the doors can be used to monitor if the doors stay at the same depth.

Purse seine

During seining, use the depth sensor to monitor the depth of the net, and the descending speed of the net. Then you will know when to start pursing, and which speed to use.

Danish seine

Mounted on a Danish Seine the depth sensor monitors the sinking speed of the net, and it will tell you when to start hauling once the net has stopped sinking.