Simrad FS70 Wireless sensors

The Simrad FS70 Trawl sonar system will communicate Simrad's latest range of PI sensors. However, if you still use the successful FA Catch sensor, it will communicate with those too.

When you purchase a new Simrad FS70 system, you can choose between two options: a 40 kHz system or a 70 kHz system.

40 kHz FS70 System

The 40 kHz Simrad FS70 system will communicate with the latest range of Simrad's PI Catch sensors. It will also communicate with the other PI sensors operating on the same frequency.

70 kHz FS70 System

The 70 kHz Simrad FS70 will communicate with the "old" FA sensors. It will also communicate with the latest PI Catch sensors, since this particular sensor can be programmed to operate as if it was a 70 kHz FA sensor!

With a 70 kHz system you will however not be able to communicate with the new PI sensors in Simrad's product range.

Current sensor support

With the current software and hardware functionality provided, the 40 kHz FS70 Trawl Unit can communicate with maximum six sensors (PI or FA).

Upgrading the FS70

If you have a lot of FA sensors, you may not wish to throw these over board. You can then purchase a 70 kHz FS70 system, and use your trusted FA sensors until they simply break apart (which may take a while..!). If necessary, you can add PI Catch sensors.

If you later wish to use the other PI sensors, you can upgrade your FS70 from a 70 kHz to a 40 kHz system. It is then an easy task to re-program any PI Catch sensors you may have. Once upgraded, you can add other PI sensors to monitor your trawl, such as the PI Spread, PI Temperature or PI Rip.