Simrad FS70 Backup system

Simrad PI50 is the perfect backup system!
By installing a Simrad PI50 cabinet on the bridge and an extra hydrophone under the hull, you have a complete back-up system for the wireless sensors you already use on your FS70 system.

It is an easy task to receive trawl height, catch and depth information from the wireless sensors by adding only a few components to your existing setup.

The only sensor which demands that you make a choice is the PI Spread. This sensor must either point towards aft to transmit its information to the FS70 Trawl unit, or forward to send it to the PI hydrophone. Most users with both systems installed add a second adapter to each trawl door. That allows them to install the sensors any which way suitable for the job at hand, or even a double set of PI Spread sensors.

All the data from the wireless sensors can also be received by this additional PI system. This allows for an even more reliable instrument setup, as a failure to the FS70 will not leave you helpless, but still in control. You can even add additional sensors to the trawl and read these on the PI system, while the "main" sensors are handled by the Simrad FS70.


This this capture (from a simulated environment) shows the Simrad PI50 set up to work with a set of sensors: Depth, Spread, Height, Temperature and a Geometry set. Large and clear digits provide you with an instant feedback from the gear. As an additional feature, you can open any number of graphs to view the recent movements of selected sensors.