Simrad ES70-7C

70 kHz split-beam transducer with 7 degrees beamwidth

Simrad ES70-7C is a 70 kHz split beam echo sounder transducer. The Simrad ES70-7C is a split-beam composite transducer with a large bandwidth, essential for the fine range resolution required in single fish detection and target strength measurement.

About the Simrad ES70-7C Transducer

The Simrad ES70-7C is a wide-band split-beam transducer, meticulously engineered for use in fishery and fishery research applications. It operates effectively at a nominal frequency of 70 kHz and boasts a precise beamwidth of 7 degrees. Notably, the transducer is constructed with four distinct sectors and incorporates a sensor specifically for measuring sea temperature. This functionality makes it a valuable tool for a range of marine research and fishing activities.

Installation and Ordering Information

For installation, the ES70-7C is designed to be mounted flush with the hull plating or at the bottom of a blister, ensuring seamless integration with the vessel. It is equipped with an installation flange and a clamping ring, which secures the transducer to a mounting ring welded onto the hull or blister. An alternative installation option is flush mounting at the bottom of a drop keel, with the transducer cable safely penetrating the hull via a stuffing tube and cable gland. To purchase the ES70-7C or its optional accessories, customers are encouraged to contact their local dealer. For those without a regular dealer, Simrad's website provides a comprehensive list of distributors and dealers. Dealers are also equipped to offer detailed quotations, including price and delivery details, ensuring that customers have all the necessary information for their purchasing decisions.

Key features

  • Wide-band split-beam transducer designed for fishery and fishery research applications
  • Nominal frequency set at 70 kHz
  • Frequency range spans from 45 to 95 kHz
  • Beamwidth fixed at 7 degrees for targeted detection
  • Maximum input power capability of 1000 W
  • Physical dimensions: Diameter: 250 mm, Height: 86 mm

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