38 kHz Compact single-and split-beam transducer

The Simrad ES38-18DK is a compact single- or split-beam transducer that is mainly designed for underwater science applications.

Versatile Transducer Design

The ES38-18DK transducer contains a 38 kHz transducer that can be used as a single- or split-beam transducer. The split-beam version offers three individual sectors. It is suitable for a wide range of underwater science applications with a beamwidth of 18 degrees and is designed to perform in depths up to 1500 m.

Convenient Mounting and Integration

The compact size and light weight of the transducer allows it to be mounted on a large variety of subsea platforms. The transducer is provided with two meters cable, and the cable is terminated with an 8- or 4-pin male connector that fits directly into our range of subsea transceivers.

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