Simrad ES38-18/200-18C

38 and 200 kHz combination transducer with 18 degrees beamwidth

The ES38-18/200-18C is a combined transducer operating at two frequencies. It has a large bandwidth designed for fishery and research applications. The transducer includes two different transducers, a single-beam and a three-sector split-beam transducer. These can be operated simultaneously. The beamwidth remains 18° for both split-beam and single-beam transducer operation.

Versatile and High-Performing Transducer Design

For the split-beam transducer, the operating frequency is 38 kHz, and for single-beam operation, the frequency is 200 kHz. The ES38-18/200-18C's compact size and light weight make it possible to mount on various subsea platforms. It is provided with a subsea cable having two termination options, fitting for WBT Mini and EK80 Portable, or an open-ended cable for broader connectivity.

Advanced Connectivity Options

The transducer offers flexibility in connectivity with an 8-pin male MCIL8M connector or an open-ended cable option, complementing a wide array of subsea instruments.

Key features

  • Key specifications
  • Nominal frequency: 38 and 200 kHz
  • Circular beamwidth: 18 degrees (38 and 200 kHz)
  • Cable lengths: 20 m (open-ended) or 5 m (with subsea connector)
  • Weight (in air): 7.3 kg

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