Simrad ES200-7CDK

The Simrad ES200-7CDK Split is a compact single- or split-beam transducer, mainly designed for underwater science applications.

Overview of Simrad ES200-7CDK Transducer

The Simrad ES200-7CDK is a medium-sized, compact split-beam transducer, specifically tailored for deployment on submerged platforms in underwater science applications. This transducer is available in two distinct versions: a single-beam variant and a split-beam variant. The single-beam ES200-7CDK is designed for operations at depths up to 1500 meters, whereas the split-beam version is offered in both a 1500 meter and a 6000 meter depth-rated model. Operating at a nominal frequency of 200 kHz, this transducer features a 7-degree beamwidth and is constructed with three separate sectors, making it highly effective for detailed underwater observations and measurements.

Design and Compatibility

The ES200-7CDK's compact size and light weight make it an ideal fit for a broad range of subsea platforms. To facilitate easy integration, the transducer comes with a two-meter cable terminated with an eight-pin male connector. This connector is designed to fit seamlessly into Simrad's range of subsea transceivers. The transducer is particularly well-suited for use with autonomous and subsea products, such as the wideband autonomous transceiver (WBAT), the wideband transceiver (WBT) mini, and the WBT tube. Its adaptability and compatibility with these devices underscore its utility in a variety of underwater science and research applications, where precision and reliability are paramount.

Order information

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Key features

  • The key features of the Simrad ES200-7CDK split-beam transducer include:
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Nominal frequency of 200 kHz
  • Suitable for use with autonomous and subsea products
  • Mountable on a variety of subsea platforms
  • Delivered with cable and termination featuring an eight-pin male connector
  • Available through local dealers or distributors

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