Simrad ES120-18CDK

Compact transducer

The Simrad ES120-18CDK Split is a compact transducer optimized for platforms where size is critical.

Product Variants

This transducer is available in two different versions: ES120-18CDK Single-beam version and ES120-18CDK Split-beam version. The wideband transducer has a standard depth rating of 1500 m and is available either as a split-beam to single-beam version for smart combinations with the other EK80 transducers.

Specialized Deployment

The split-beam version offers three individual sectors. It is designed to be deployed on submerged platforms for underwater science applications. The transducer is thus especially well suited for use with autonomous and subsea products such as the WBAT (Wide Band Autonomous Transceiver), WBT Mini, and WBT Tube.

Key features

  • Compact wide-band split-beam transducer
  • Nominal frequency: 120 kHz
  • Frequency range: 100-155 kHz
  • Beamwidth: 18°
  • Maximum input power: 300 W
  • Physical dimensions: Diameter: 66 mm, Height: 55 mm
  • Depth rate-1500 m

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