333 kHz pressure rated split-beam transducer with 7 degrees beamwidth

The ES333-7CD is a split-beam transducer with a large bandwidth designed for fishery and research applications. The beamwidth is 7° at a nominal operational frequency of 333 kHz. The transducer is designed having four separate sectors. The ES333-7CD transducer has been designed to withstand a large water pressure, and is therefore well suited for towed bodies or autonomous vehicles.

Durable Design

The recommended installation method for the Simrad ES333-7CD is through the hull plating using mounting and clamping rings provided. Alternatively, the transducer is mounted using brackets and M8 screws at the back of the transducer. This robust design allows it to operate effectively in demanding underwater environments, suitable for a variety of fishery and research applications where reliable performance under pressure is essential.

Performance and Specifications

The ES333-7CD boasts a resonant frequency of 333 kHz and operates across a frequency rate from 280 to 450 kHz, with a depth range of 1500 m. It features a maximum input power of 200 W, making it powerful enough for intense research tasks. Its physical dimensions are compact with a diameter of 120 mm and a height of 75 mm, ensuring that it remains unobtrusive when installed on a vessel or autonomous vehicle.

Transducer Handling and Installation

To secure the long life and accurate results, correct handling of the Simrad ES333-7CD transducer is critical. It must always be handled as a delicate item, and wrongful actions may damage the transducer beyond repair. The transducer should never be activated out of water, exposed to direct sunlight or excessive heat, and should be protected from rough handling and impacts. It is crucial not to use high-pressure water or strong solvents to clean the transducer face, and care must be taken not to lift the transducer by the cable or step on it.

Key features

  • Wide-band split-beam transducer for fishery and research applications
  • Resonant frequency: 333 kHz
  • Frequency range: 280 to 450 kHz
  • Depth range: 1500 m
  • Beamwidth: 7°
  • Maximum input power: 200 W
  • Physical dimensions: Diameter: 120 mm, Height: 75 mm
  • Environment requirements for storage and operating temperatures
  • Rules for transducer handling
  • Installation principle involving mounting rings supplied by Kongsberg Maritime and connections to MacArtney SubConn socket

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