200 kHz split-beam echo sounder transducer

The Simrad ES200-7CD is a split-beam transducer with a large bandwidth designed for fishery and research applications. The beamwidth is 7° at a nominal operational frequency of 200 kHz. The transducer is designed having four separate sectors.

Features and Variants

The Simrad ES200-7CDK is a medium-sized, compact split-beam transducer, crafted for deployment on submerged platforms in underwater science applications. This versatile transducer is available in two distinct versions: a single-beam model and a split-beam model. The single-beam variant is depth-rated for 1500 meters, making it suitable for a range of moderate-depth applications. Meanwhile, the split-beam ES200-7CDK is offered in both a 1500 meter and an extended 6000 meter version, catering to more demanding deep-sea explorations. Operating at a nominal frequency of 200 kHz and featuring a 7-degree beamwidth, this transducer is innovatively designed with three separate sectors to ensure precise and reliable underwater measurements.

Design and Compatibility

Due to its compact size and light weight, the ES200-7CDK transducer can be easily mounted on various subsea platforms, making it a flexible tool for a wide array of underwater research activities. The transducer is equipped with a two-meter cable, terminated with an eight-pin male connector, ensuring seamless integration with Simrad’s range of subsea transceivers. This design feature makes the ES200-7CDK exceptionally well-suited for use with autonomous and subsea products, such as the wideband autonomous transceiver (WBAT), the wideband transceiver (WBT) mini, and the WBT tube. Its compatibility with these advanced devices underscores its value in sophisticated underwater science and research applications.

Ordering and Dealer Information

For those interested in acquiring the ES200-7CDK transducer, the process begins by contacting a local dealer. In instances where a regular dealer is not available, Simrad provides a comprehensive list of authorized distributors and dealers on its website. This resource is invaluable for finding the most convenient and reliable source for the transducer. Additionally, dealers are equipped to offer detailed quotations that include pricing and delivery information, ensuring that customers have all necessary details to make an informed purchase decision. This dealer network is a testament to Simrad's commitment to providing accessible and high-quality products and services to its clientele.

Key features

  • Wide-band split-beam transducer for fishery and research applications
  • Resonant frequency of 200 kHz
  • Frequency range of 160 to 260 kHz
  • Beamwidth of 7°
  • Depth rating of 1500m
  • Maximum input power of 300W
  • Physical dimensions: Diameter-120mm, Height-75mm
  • Optional items available for separate order: Mounting hardware, clamping ring, documents

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