Combined scientific echo sounder and ADCP

The Simrad EK80 confirms its leadership as a scientific instrument for aquatic ecosystem measurements. With its innovative acoustic system, it amalgamates the functions of an echo sounder and a physical oceanographic measurement tool through the EC150-3C transducer, offering both absolute backscatter and current velocity measurements in a singular device.

Innovative Functionality

The Simrad EK80, equipped with the EC150-3C transducer, provides a 'two-in-one' functionality, merging a wideband split-beam echo sounder with acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP) capabilities. This synergy enhances the capability to characterize and quantify water column and bottom objects, and captures the direction and speed of ocean currents, all vital for marine research and resource management.

User Interface and Integration

Featuring a user-friendly and flexible interface, the Simrad EK80 with the EC150-3C transducer simplifies operational control and integrates easily into existing systems. Low installation costs are ensured through minimal system complexity and user convenience is further heightened by the integration of auxiliary sensor data such as GPS, heave, pitch, roll, sound speed, and temperature in the data files.

Advanced Measurement and Data Management

The EK80's precision in capturing current velocities and backscatter intensity is reflective of state-of-the-art technology. It is capable of detailed measurements that assist in modeling and forecasting ocean and meteorological phenomena. These features, coupled with efficient data management through Ethernet and file system compatibility, affirm the EK80's role in advancing sustainable fisheries technology.

Key features

  • State of the art current velocity and backscatter measurements for precise data acquisition
  • Easy synchronization of ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) and scientific echo sounder for cohesive operation
  • Wideband capability for a broad range of frequencies
  • Built-in sphere calibration feature for the echo sounder ensures accuracy
  • Auxiliary sensor data integrated in the data files, including heave, pitch, roll, GPS information, sound speed, and temperature for comprehensive environmental understanding
  • User-friendly and flexible user interface for ease of operation and customization
  • Low installation costs achieved by reducing the system complexity, making it economical and efficient

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