High-performance ADCP transducer

Compact and light

The CP300 is a compact and versatile ADCP transducer. The transducer has a 1500-meter depth rating and weighs only 2 kg when submerged in water. The composite elements inside the transducers are arranged in a Janus configuration, with four beams tilted 25 degrees. Like most Kongsberg transducers, the composite elements have high bandwidth, with the transducer specifications going from 270 to 445 kHz. This creates flexibility and opens the possibility to exploit the longest possible range at the lower end of the frequency band and the highest possible resolution at the highest end. The transducer can be operated in narrowband (CW) or broadband (FM) mode across the full frequency band.


The CP300 transducer is designed to fit on a great range of instrument platforms from large to smaller and even uncrewed vessels. Coupled with the WBT transceiver and the EK80 acquisition software, with input from a high-quality motion and GNSS system such as Seapath, the system provides high-resolution current profiles and platform velocity (DVL) with high accuracy and resolution in real-time. Fully integrated into the EK80 system, synchronization with other echo sounder transducers is optimized internally, and synchronization with other acoustic systems is possible through dedicated functionality in the EK80 software.

Key features

  • Wide operating frequency band
  • High vertical resolution
  • High ping-to-ping accuracy
  • Depth rated to 1500 meters
  • Excellent bottom-track capability
  • Fully integrated in the EK80 system
  • Easy to integrate with other Kongsberg products
  • Built-in calibration and system test wizard

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