LIDAR-based relative positioning reference sensor

SpotScan® is a high performance LIDAR-based relative positioning reference sensor optimized for positioning and station keeping at wind turbines.

No retro-reflective targets needed
SpotScan is a dynamic positioning reference system primarily designed for use by
offshore wind turbine service vessels. The SpotScan® sensor is a robust motion stabilized rotating LIDAR which measures range and bearing to the offshore wind turbine without the need for fixed targets to be installed.

Robust target tracking
In addition to a high bearing resolution, SpotScan® features a vertical resolution of similar magnitude. This, combined with real-time adjustments in dynamic environments, provides robust object recognition and tracking.

Robust target tracking combined with true horizontal distance measurements, provides a high integrity reference solution, with accurate range and bearing input for dynamic positioning operations.

Close-by operations
Due to its unique design, SpotScan is capable of target tracking in close-by operations. By utilizing roll and pitch stabilization, SpotScan has a wide vertical field of regard which keeps track of the target even at high elevation angles.

Increased availability
When connected to a Motion Reference Unit (MRU), SpotScan obtains increased
accuracy and robustness when operating in extreme weather conditions/high dynamic environments. This provides a more precise horizontal target distance.

Easy setup - low maintenance
The SpotScan system is easy to install and operate. The on-board Processing Unit runs the application software, which makes configuration and monitoring of the SpotScan system easy and efficient. All moving parts are enclosed within the sensor unit housing. The mechanical wear due to harsh weather conditions is thus kept at a minimum, allowing for low maintenance costs.

Key features

  • No retro-reflective targets needed
  • Wide vertical field of regard for close-by operations
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Roll/pitch stabilization for high dynamic environments
  • True 3D positioning system
  • Vertical field-of-view stabilized for roll and pitch
  • Automatic data recording
  • SceneScan replacement kit available

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