Position reference system

This Position Reference System is an INS Centric approach to DP station keeping. Inertial technology combined with the latest multi-antenna, multi-constellation GNSS technology and hydro-acoustic positioning, provides a reliable position reference solution with the highest tolerance for outages of position reference data. Image credit: Transocean.

Sensors teaming up
The integrated solution is based on inertial measurements from an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), aided by two redundant positioning technologies. In this system the IMU is a Motion Sensor and Gyro Compass (MGC). The redundant positioning data sources are one or two of KONGSBERG’s DPS series ((D)GNSS position reference systems) and optional KONGSBERG’s HiPAP series SSBL and LBL acoustic positioning systems. The system will improve stability of the real-time positioning and increase operational uptime in the event of a loss of some, or all, of the position reference sensors.

Designed for robust performance
INS-C is the central processing unit in the INS Centric Position Reference System. It integrates raw data from up to three different technologies, inertial, GNSS and acoustics, to provide a robust and reliable position solution. INS-C can use all available GNSS systems. In addition, it uses GNSS corrections, depending on what is available on the connected DPS models. INS-C can also use acoustic ranges and angles (if available) for tightly coupled LBL and/or SSBL aiding of the integrated solution.

Active decision support
INS-C has an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface developed in close co-operation with experienced DP operators.

Remote support
INC-C is ready for K-IMS remote services for operational support and troubleshooting. Cases that previously required a visit from a service engineer, may now be resolved remotely.

Key features

  • New position reference system (PRS) concept providing a step change in robustness and reliability for the most challenging installations by utilizing both acoustic and GNSS measurements for highest possible robustness and integrity
  • Unique technology for shallow water DP operations, challenging conditions, difficult vessel designs, demanding operations and operations in areas with jamming/ spoofing
  • Navigation Grade INS (MGC R3/ R4/R5) aided with the latest multiconstellation GNSS technology and hydro-acoustic positioning
  • Fully capable to utilize differential correction services
  • High-precision lever arm compensation of position and velocity
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use HMI tailored to safety critical DP operations
  • Scalable solution
  • Spoofing detection capabilities
  • Automatic data recording with replay functionality
  • Remote service and diagnostics by utilizing K-IMS

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