Test and configuration unit for cNODE transponders

The TTC unit is for on deck acoustic testing and configuration of the cNODE transponders. It can test all KM transponder channels including the latest Cymbal acoustic protocols. It can also test telemetry transponders with internal and external sensors.

Scope of Supply and Initial Setup

Use your Product Key to activate the license which involves a USB Memory stick with TTC Light installation programs, a license key, and cNODE MiniS Configuration cable for PC among other components. Start with the activation of the license which can be done online and note that once the activation is complete, no further internet connection is necessary. Ensure the computer where you intend to install TTC Light runs Windows 7 or above and has internet connection. Insert the USB and run the installation wizard to effectively set up for use.

Acoustic test and configuration

The test transducer is used for acoustic test. The TTC communicates with transponder through the transducer. Acoustic test includes interrogation, read/set transponder parameters and reading internal and external transponder sensors. The serial line cable connects a cNODE transponder to the TTC and is used for transponder configuration such as changing acoustic mode and default channels and SW download.

Power supply

Mains power cable is used to connect the TTC to a standard 115/230 Vac mains supply to recharge the internal battery.


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