cNODE Mantis

Acoustic video modem

The cNODE Mantis can work as ‘a second set of eyes’ in underwater operations. The live video is streamed from the camera unit to a receiver installed either on the ROV’s TMS (Tether Management System) or on the vessel itself, at ranges of up to 500 m. Data can also be transmitted from a Mantis transmitter on AUV to a surface vessel or USV.

High-Performance Video Streaming

Video stream with up to 4 frames per second leverages a high-speed acoustic link. This allows the cNODE Mantis to function in both murky and clear water conditions unaffected by background light. Transmitter uses a typical composite video camera while delivering quality of 420 x 380 pixels at four frames per second with a bitrate of up to 70 kbit/s. The receiver interfaces via ethernet, and sensor data and status from the camera unit are interleaved with the video stream.

Advanced Interface and Viewer Application

The received video stream, status, and sensor data is displayed in the supplied Mantis Viewer Windows application. The video stream can be recorded and redirected to other users over an ethernet connection as a RTP stream. This capability ensures versatility in the use and management of the streamed underwater video footage.

Key features

  • A pair of video transmitter and receiver units
  • Video stream with up to 4 frames per second
  • Transmitter uses composite video camera
  • Receiver interfaces via Ethernet
  • 200 kHz operating frequency
  • 30° directional transducer beam
  • 500 m range
  • 800 m depth rated


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