AIS 300S

The AIS 300S is an AIS unit built to support special operations. The AIS 300S utilises the AIS technology beyond standard AIS functionality and is a powerful tool for different maritime operations. It can be configured to output a set of virtual AIS objects that can describe an area of operation, dynamic and/or static. Such an area of operation can be the rectangle constituting the streamer area behind a seismic vessel or a safety area around an offshore operation. The implementation is based on relevant international standards.

AIS for Special Operations

In some operations the activity is below the surface, such as for operations involving remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) or seismic streamer operations. This constitutes an operational problem and there are risks related to some main issues: vessels coming in conflict with the operation and damage to vessels or equipment because of this, damage to underwater equipment in the operation area, and unwanted interference with the maritime operation and financial loss because of delays and mission abort. Even if all vessels are carrying standard AIS Class A equipment, AIS capabilities can be used to better support navigation in areas where special operations are taking place. Complex operations such as coordinated lifting or towing activity are also target applications for AIS 300S. An effective way to warn vessels in the Area Of Responsibility (AOR) about actual movements below the surface is by use of AIS.

Advanced Tracking and Communication

The AIS 300S is delivered with a feature for transmission of automatic notifications. Area filters can be applied to the AIS data stream. If a vessel enters the area, an addressed user configurable text message will be transmitted to the vessel. The message can contain information about the on-going operation. The intention is to reduce the amount of VHF voice communication and release more time for the operators to focus on the operation. Information, such as the position of submerged objects, can be transferred to the AIS system and embedded in the AIS message used for virtual AIS transmission. Vessels receiving the transmissions will get a real-time update of underwater movements and use this information in coordinated activities or to avoid the moving structure.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

By selecting the icon, more information will be available and the virtual AIS AtoN will hence be a carrier of information. Further, AIS can also be used as a data carrier for the distribution of important operational data such as weather data and mooring tension values. The AIS 300S employs advanced AIS technology to facilitate the efficient handling of special maritime operations, effectively contributing to the safety of life at sea and the seamless execution of underwater activities.

Key features

  • Automatic transmission (addressed and broadcast) of warnings and notifications related to a special operation
  • Virtual marking of an area of operation
  • VHF Data Link commands to all AIS or specific AIS mobile units in the operation area
  • Distribution of special messages and operational specific data (meteorological and hydrographic info., mooring line tension etc.)
  • Built-in Windows user interface for area configuration
  • Sensitivity better than -115 dBm
  • Built-in storage capability of AIS raw data
  • SNMP AIS 300S
  • WEB interface for remote configuration and SW update of built-in AIS module


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