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The SS2030 is an active hull mounted sonar primarily designed for Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW). It has special capabilities for operation in littoral waters and also has features that make it suitable for detection of torpedoes and small objects in the water column. The operating frequency ranges from 20 - 30 kHz. A passive mode is also available for the SS2030.

Beam Coverage and Stability

The SS2030 sonar excels in its beam transmission, offering 360° horizontal coverage and the ability to target specific sectors. It also simultaneously transmits a vertical sector for effective target positioning and depth separation. Notably, the system electronically stabilizes beams against roll and pitch movements, enhancing accuracy in varying sea conditions. Additionally, the beams can be vertically tilted, optimizing detection range and adapting to complex Sound Velocity Profiles.

Advanced Technologies in SS2030

Incorporating cutting-edge tracking algorithms, the SS2030 sonar stands out in underwater detection. These algorithms improve tracking accuracy, and the built-in sound propagation model serves as a critical tool for operators. This model helps in understanding sonar readings more accurately, considering the variables affecting underwater sound travel.

Integration and Communication of SS2030

The SS2030 sonar supports extensive data exchange with the Combat Management System (CMS) via LAN, ensuring efficient operation. It can also integrate with a Multi-Function Console (MFC), where the Human Machine Interface (HMI) operates on remote desktop functionality. This integration simplifies the user interface, facilitating easier management and interpretation of sonar data.

Key features

  • Enhanced shallow water features (low side-lobe levels and narrow beams that reduce the reverberation problem in littoral waters)
  • New and modern Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Operating modes: Active Omni (360°), Active sectors, Passive
  • Tiltable transmit and receive angles
  • Electronic maps with sonar echo overlay (for recognition of underwater obstacles and visualization of target hiding places)
  • Built-in Sound Propagation Model for optimal tilt setting and Probability of Detection (PoD)
  • Tracker with automatic and manual target initiation
  • Audio channel
  • Built-in simulator for training
  • Vertical view (provides vertical target position and bottom profiles)
  • Alarms for objects/torpedo close to own ship.
  • Flexible integration and information exchange with Combat Management System (CMS)
  • Display options: Single display (see figure), Standalone console, Multi Function Console (MFC) with Citrix Receiver interface

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