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The SA9520 MOAS is a high frequency wideband sonar designed with emphasis on detection and early warning of navigation obstacles including mines. The SA9520 uses the newest Kongsberg Maritime (KM) in-house composite transducer technology and is a further development of the widely used SA950.

High-Frequency Wideband Sonar

The SA9520 MOAS is a high-frequency wideband sonar focused on detecting navigation obstacles, including mines. Utilizing the latest Kongsberg Maritime (KM) composite transducer technology, it represents an advancement from the widely used SA950 model. The sonar's primary feature is early warning and detection, essential for navigating challenging marine environments. Its emphasis on high-frequency wideband capabilities makes it a critical tool for identifying potential underwater threats.

Integration and Interface of SA9520 Sonar

The SA9520 offers extensive information exchange options with the Combat Management System (CMS) through open protocols. This sonar can integrate with either a standalone KM Control & Display Unit or a Multi-Function Console (MFC) from third-party vendors. When integrated with an MFC, it utilizes remote desktop functionality for its Human Machine Interface (HMI), allowing compatibility with virtually any CMS/MFC vendor. This flexible integration approach ensures that the SA9520 can adapt to various vessel setups, enhancing its utility across different naval and merchant ships.

Operational Capabilities and System Overview of SA9520

Designed for navigational protection, the SA9520 is suitable for all vessel types that require security from underwater threats. Its construction includes the Control & Display Unit, Sonar Processing Unit (SPU), and a Hull Unit with retractable sonar heads. The sonar excels in shallow water detection and operation in narrow straits. Operators can optimize its performance by adjusting pulse length, source level, and sector widths. Additionally, it has the capability to generate depth profiles ahead of the vessel. Key features of the SA9520 include resolution for detecting weak targets, vertical discrimination to isolate anchored mines, vertical positioning capability, preparation for combat and bridge system integration, automatic target tracking, and easy operation with automatic alarm generation.

Key features

  • Automatic mine/obstacle warning
  • Automatic target initiation and tracking
  • Vertical resolution which allows for positioning of objects in depth
  • Wide sector coverage area
  • Sound propagation model integrated
  • Anti-grounding and seafloor mapping ahead of vessel
  • Easy integration / information exchange with CC system
  • Operator configuration of sonar parameters and HMI
  • Range of Hull Unit options
  • Built-in Test Equipment (BITE)

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