The SA9510S sonar can operate in the frequency range from 70 to 100 kHz and it is designed with emphasis on detection and early warning of navigation obstacles including anchored mines

SA9510S Sonar: Cutting-Edge Submarine Navigation

Designed with precision, the sonar's main purpose is to offer enhanced detection capabilities for mines, obstacles, and the seafloor over a wide swath in front of the submarine. It provides crucial information to the crew for both bottom navigation and submerged navigation, offering the ability to detect and display bottom profiles in selected horizontal directions. The SA9510S is a compact design that integrates advanced front-end electronics and wideband composite transducer arrays for optimal performance.

Compact Design with Advanced Capabilities

Comprising the Sonar Processing Unit (SPU), Sonar Head Vertical (SHV), and Sonar Head Horizontal (SHH), the SA9510S is designed for seamless integration. With minimal cabling and pressure hull penetrators, the system's front-end electronics are integrated into the sonar head, contributing to its efficiency and reliability. The system offers comprehensive features such as pulse length and shape selection, source level variation, and beam width adjustment, allowing the operator to optimize performance for different environments and specific missions.

Advanced Functionality and Performance Capabilities

The SA9510S sonar system employs cutting-edge algorithms for automated target detection, tracking, pre-classification, and target filtering. It ensures excellent range resolution without any moving parts, utilizing electronic beam steering for noise-free operation. The sonar system supports information interchange with the Command & Control System and excels in shallow water capabilities. With features like relative motion display, cursor-based calculations, and the ability to accept sound speed profiles for correction, the SA9510S is a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution for simultaneous mine seeking and navigation in submarine operations.

Key features

  • Key Features for the SA9510S Sonar
  • Automatic mine/obstacle detection and warning
  • Automatic target initiation and tracking
  • Wide horizontal and vertical coverage
  • Excellent horizontal and vertical resolution
  • Sound propagation model integrated
  • Anti-grounding and seafl oor detection ahead of vessel
  • Easy integration / information exchange with CC system
  • Operator confi guration of sonar parameters and HMI
  • Built-in Test Equipment (BITE).
  • Features that enhance shallow water capabilities and operations in narrow straits.

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