HMS 300

Helideck Monitoring System

Offshore helicopter operations are carried out in hostile environments. The HMS 300 is designed to measure helideck motion during helicopter pre-landing and on-deck operations to improve flight and passenger safety in these conditions. The system monitors the helideck's acceleration, heave velocity, inclination, roll, and pitch together with meteorological data in real-time.

Helideck Compliance and Web Access

The HMS 300 is fully compliant with the prevailing Web access recommendations and guidelines issued by the Civil Aviation Authorities in UK, Norway, and Brazil. The HMS 300 is compliant with the CAP 437 from September 2018 and accompanying Helideck Certification Agency (HCA) document revision 9b. This implies that the helideck must be equipped with repeater lights connected to the HMS 300 system to indicate to the pilot whether the on-deck or pre-landing conditions are within the landing limits or not. The system is also compliant with NOROG ver. 9.2 for the Norwegian sector and NORMAM-27 for the Brazilian sector.

Data Monitoring and Enhanced Safety

The HMS 300 will calculate and present the Motion Severity Index (MSI) and Wind Severity Index (WSI) data together with significant heave rate (SHR), inclination, roll, and pitch of the helideck in real-time. The system utilizes the KONGSBERG MRU models (E, H, 5, or 5+) or the MGC models (R2 or R3) to precisely monitor vessel motion and accelerations at the helideck center. These data are transferred to the HMS Processing Unit that processes helideck motion data together with MSI and WSI figures to determine whether the helicopter operation is safe or not.

Real-Time Monitoring and Cyber Security

Both onboard and onshore personnel can monitor helideck movements and meteorological data in real-time and see the same operational picture in order to increase operational awareness. Cyber security is an integral part of the system. With the cloud-based service, storage of helideck data for periods exceeding a month is included.

Key features

  • Real-time presentation of roll, pitch, heave amplitude, heave rate, and inclination
  • Comply to latest CAP 437 and HCA requirements
  • Comply to NOROG ver. 9.2 and NORMAM-27
  • Meteorological data acquisition and presentation in real-time
  • Selectable motion sensor input from MRU or MGC
  • Measurements of 3-axes linear acceleration in the helideck center
  • Live vessel data available through K-IMS or Kognifai through a paid service
  • Control of repeater lights mounted on helideck in pre-landing and on-deck mode
  • More than 30 days’ storage of HMS data
  • Wave and air gap sensor interface included
  • Control of helideck status light to show red light when motions are out of limits (helideck not available)


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