Simrad MF90

Medium-frequency 360° omni sonar

The Simrad MF90 is a medium-frequency 360-degree omni sonar developed for efficient fish-finding. Using a highly efficient composite transducer and high-end transceiver electronics, you can transmit and receive in the frequency range of 75 to 85 kHz.


  • Subsea
  • Sonar
  • Fish-finding sonar
  • Fish Finding

Sonar Operating Panel

The Sonar Operating Panel (SOP) is equipped with a handy multifunction joystick. This joystick facilitates tilt, vertical, and inspection beam control through simple pushes or twists of the knob. With one SOP, you can manage up to four sonars. Conversely, up to three SOPs in various locations on the vessel can operate a single sonar via an Ethernet connection. Additionally, the front panel USB port provides convenient software upgrades and user settings management. The SOP also features dedicated and customizable buttons and knobs, and its design allows for straightforward upgrading using a mounting bracket.

Composite Transducer and Software Integration

The advanced composite transducer not only allows for a broad frequency range but also signifies a significant investment in production capabilities. SIMRAD, now possessing one of the most sophisticated transducer production lines, is able to ensure the highest quality in sonar detection technology. The integration with the latest Winson 2019 operating software means users benefit from various advantages, including the innovative docking feature for multi-display setups and an increased update rate for real-time sonar imaging.

Optimized Sonar Efficiency and Operation

The MF90 is a broadband sonar, facilitating efficient operation during purse seine fishing and other scenarios requiring simultaneous equipment management. Its ability to adjust between 75-85 kHz allows customization of sonar frequencies for optimal fishery conditions, as demonstrated in examples like Mackerel fishing in the North Sea. The combination of the new operating software and joystick-operated SOP makes the MF90 a user-friendly and efficient choice for modern fisheries.

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