Simrad MF90

Medium-frequency omnidirectional fish-finding sonar

The Simrad MF90 is a medium-frequency 360-degree omni sonar developed for efficient fish-finding. Using a highly efficient composite transducer and high-end transceiver electronics, you can transmit and receive in the frequency range of 75 to 85 kHz.

With the newly developed components used by the Simrad MF90, you can achieve high resolution on longer ranges. You can also tune the operating frequency to better detect or avoid noise sources such as another echo sounder.

WINSON operating software

The Simrad MF90 uses the latest "Winson" software. This unique software platform is common for all Simrad sonars. It allows you to present the various sonar echoes in separate views, which can be placed on separate display monitors. Another great feature of the new software is its ability to "ping" all the beams simultaneously. This increases the ping rate and thus offers a more frequent update of the sonar echoes in the views.

Sonar Operating Panel

You can set up your SIMRAD MF90 sonar with the Mk2 Sonar Operating Panel. This operating panel uses a handy multifunction joystick. The joystick facilitates tilt, vertical, and inspection beam control through simple pushes or twists of the knob. The operating panel communicates with the Processor Unit using an Ethernet connection. This communication format allows for advanced functionality. You can manage up to four different SIMRAD sonars using a single panel. Conversely, up to three panels in various locations on the vessel can operate a single sonar. The USB port on the operating panel also provides convenient software upgrades and user settings management. The sonar operating panel also features dedicated and customizable buttons and knobs, and its design allows for a straightforward upgrade from older panels using a mounting bracket.

SIMRAD MF90 composite transducer

The new composite transducer developed for the SIMRAD MF90 is more complicated to manufacture than the traditional transducer, and we have made large investments in our production capacity. Today, we have one of the most sophisticated transducer production- and design departments in the industry.


Keep your SIMRAD MF90 updated with the latest software version. Follow us on social media to keep up with the changes, and contact your dealer for upgrades. For the latest software version, check the dedicated MF90 software article.

End-user documentation

All relevant user- and installation manuals, certificates and drawings for the SIMRAD MF90 fish-finding sonar are available. To access the information, open the relevant article using the link at the bottom of this page. Several formats are provided, including interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM). Selected publications are also available in additional languages.

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