Simrad CP60

Current indicator system

The Simrad CP60 is a cost-effective current indicator system. It uses similar hardware components as the Simrad ES80 wideband echo sounder, but a dedicated transducer; the CP200-5C.

Comprehensive current measurement capabilities

The Simrad CP60 can measure up to five individual layers of water current. The transducer operates on 200 kHz, providing a range that is suitable for most purse seines. Users can benefit from measurements such as the speed of the water current and its geographical or relative direction. Additionally, the CP60 features a backscatter display for each channel, enhancing the usability of the system.

Integration and compatibility

The CP60 can export the measured water current data to other systems on your vessel, notably increasing its utility when integrated with a Simrad sonar. Furthermore, the CP60 employs a standard NMEA datagram, ensuring compatibility with various maritime systems and allowing for a more comprehensive approach to vessel operation.

Enhanced functionality and precision

Beyond measuring water currents, the CP60 boasts a built-in single-beam echo sounder, with a 27-degree beam opening that is optimal for fish detection higher in the water column. To achieve maximum measurement accuracy, it is recommended to pair the CP60 with a motion reference unit (MRU) or use a motion sensor to measure roll and pitch, with GPS as a minimum requirement. Before deploying the device, calibrating the CP60 system with the CP200-5C transducer is critical for precise and accurate data collection.

Current software version is 24.1

The current software version for the CP60 is 24.1. To download the software release note, see "Downloads" at the bottom of the page.

End-user documentation

A collection of end-user manuals and related documents for the Simrad CP60 system is provided. See "Downloads" at the bottom of the page.

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