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DPS 114

DPS 114 is a robust and reliable DGNSS (DGPS/DGLONASS) sensor suitable for a wide range of marine applications. It utilises the Seastar G4 service capable of world wide decimeter accuracy.

A member of the DPS Family

The Kongsberg Seatex award-winning DPS product line is well-proven and in use by professional marine and offshore users worldwide. The DPS product series is developed and suitable for all applications in need for a confident position solutionwhen operating in safety-critical environments..

Operational Excellence and Accuracy

Designed for applications where confident position solutions are essential in safety-critical environments, the DPS 114 is a cost-efficient DGNSS solution offering meter-level accuracy and potential decimeter precision with the Fugro Seastar G4 service. This makes it ideal for users where availability and reliability are paramount. Additionally, DPS 114 boasts a built-in display for easy system configuration and status monitoring.

Enhanced Satellite Coverage

A member of the Kongsberg Seatex award-winning DPS product line, DPS 114 utilises GPS, Glonass, Galileo, and Beidou, yielding enhanced satellite coverage compared to single- or dual- GNSS solutions. The utilisation of all available systems contributes to an enhanced operational availability in areas where obstructions and signal tracking can be challenging.

Key features

  • Multi-frequency GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidouand SBAS receiver
  • IALA beacon capability
  • Built-in L-band receiver with Fugro Seastar G4 capability
  • Optional standard RTCM correction input
  • Easy software updates via USB
  • Ethernet interface DPS 114ESC ENTER
  • Embedded keypad and display
  • Configurable output for external interfaces
  • External display unit (optional) RTCM corrections

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