Kongsberg Maritime

Efficiency and safety throughout the whole maritime technology spectrum.

The sea is our natural environment, for decades we have worked to explore, and harness its potential. As a result, we have become world-leading experts on research and technology related to the oceans. Thousands of ships, vessels and offshore installations depend on Kongsberg Maritime for safety, operational efficiency and sustainability, wherever they are. Our technology is exploring the sea and the vast opportunities hidden within. 

With a portfolio of leading technologies, our solutions and products are developed for everything from the core digital system of the ship through to its propellers. We are a partner from the planning and design phase to maintenance and service through to recycling, providing a complete end-to-end service for our customers.

Marine innovation

The oceans will have a profound influence on the world, moving forward. Our ambition is to shape the future through integrated solutions, which optimise marine operations and reduce environmental impact. To this end, Kongsberg Maritime has taken a lead in the development of autonomous ships, becoming a key player in the digital transformation of operations at sea.

As a trusted partner in the innovation, development, and supply of ship technology and systems; some 30,000 ships are sailing with our solutions today. These include: merchant ships, fishing vessels, cruise ships, ferries, superyachts, research vessels and offshore support vessels.

preferred partner

Kongsberg Maritime’s highly skilled; customer-focused employees; are our greatest asset. Our technical excellence across the maritime industry, has made us a strategic ally, to many customers and partners. By optimising efficiency, we make their operations smoother, safer and more environmentally friendly. With a strong global presence, we provide the best possible support to any customer worldwide.

Deep knowledge

Our experience means our work, covers many different marine industries and applications. Most end use is related to maritime transport; offshore operations; aquaculture; subsea equipment; fisheries; surveillance and research. We also cover merchant marine, navy, coastal marine, training services and more. Our dedication to the sea, has fostered deep knowledge of this demanding environment, helping us to deliver extreme performances for extreme conditions.