The KONGSBERG Information Management System (K-IMS) is a collaboration platform developed for the offshore and maritime industry. K-IMS is designed to enable continuous access to data both onboard and onshore through an interactive web based solution and to provide an efficient information flow.

The solution solves the increasing challenge that each sub-supplier needs his own data and communication infrastructure. The system unites all data logging and communication into a single, secure and maintainable solution. It gives the fleet owner control of the information flow and security. A common solution for all roles in owner and 3rd party supplier organization enables collaboration and improved decision processes.


K-IMS provides a complete and up-to-date information portal for better traceability and quality of communications between offshore and onshore organizations:

  • Decision making and support

    Decision making and support

  • Reduce need for service personnel onboard vessels

    Reduce need for service personnel onboard vessels

  • Improve troubleshooting

    Improve troubleshooting

  • Safety through visualization and supervision

    Safety through visualization and supervision


K-IMS infrastructure includes system components such as portal, data logging, secure network, malware protection, replication, security and integration by standard protocols such as OPC and web services:

  • Unites all data logging and communication into a single, secure and maintainable solution
  • Proven and flexible offshore to onshore replication. Supports low band with high latency satellite connections
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables an information highway for applications across control systems, third party systems and business systems
  • The portal is based on rich internet application technology. It can be accessed using a standard web browser, and provides an intuitive user interface


K-IMS Global system tools include dashboards, alarm statistics, trend and reports.

  • Dashboards:
    • Allows users to create specific views for on-line visualization, or scenario playback
  • Alarm statistics:
    • Data analysis client for viewing alarms and event data
  • Trend:
    • Combined analysis of alarm and event and time series data
  • Reports:
    • Create, display, and export reports within the Portal

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