Dynamic Positioning Control Systems

Robust systems backed by decades of experience

Since 1977, we have installed more than 4000 dynamic positioning control systems, on ships ranging from the most sophisticated offshore vessels and semi-submersibles to superyachts. Our portfolio of client-driven, innovative dynamic positioning solutions offer energy efficiency, wide-ranging functionality for any need, and true reliability in the harshest conditions.

K-Pos Dynamic Positioning Control System

K-Pos, our range of proven dynamic positioning control systems, was introduced in 2007. It combines real-time data from vessel sensors and position reference systems, and interfaces to the power and propulsion systems to ensure accurate heading and station keeping.

Why K-Pos DP Control Systems are different

  • Advanced Green DP control that can help reduce fuel consumption and cut operating expenses

  • Interfaces with our advanced energy applications for hybrid power solutions

  • Complete system installation and maintenance, backed by full lifecycle support and a global network

  • Unique DP modes, functions, and capabilities developed over decades by collaboration with our clients

K-Pos operating modes

  • K-Pos dynamic positioning control systems allow operators to quickly transition between the following modes: 

    • High precision: This mode provides extremely accurate station-keeping in any weather condition, but with increased power consumption, plus additional wear and tear on the machinery and thrusters
    • Relaxed: This mode uses thrusters more smoothly at the expense of station-keeping accuracy. This type of control can be used when the mission allows for a larger footprint and is mainly applicable to calm weather conditions
    • Green: This mode uses Non-linear Model Predictive Control, which allows precise area-keeping with minimum power consumption, and it can be used in all weather conditions. 

DP classes and redundancy

  • A range of Kongsberg Maritime K-Pos DP control systems are available, complying with the IMO DP Equipment class 1, 2, and 3 requirements. They are designed for various types of vessels, missions, and risk mitigation for critical maritime operations.

    IMO regulations state that the DP equipment class of a vessel for a particular operation must be based on a risk analysis of the consequence of a loss of position and/or heading. Additionally, the “time to safely terminate” an operation must be considered. High risk maritime operations often require DP Equipment Class 3, as agreed by the owner, customer, coastal state, or flag state.

    A DP equipment class 3 vessel must be fitted with a main DP control system and a backup DP control system in accordance with IMO regulations. The K-Pos range of DP-2X/DP-3X for DP class 2 can be used for the main DP control system and the K-Pos range of DP-1X/DP-2X for DP class 1 can be used for the backup DP control system.

The benefits of DP system integration

  • Kongsberg Maritime specialises in integrated solutions for our clients, making their operations more efficient, ultimately saving vessel owners time and money.

    The K-Pos DP Control System can be installed as a standalone product, or as part of a larger system that is integrated with Kongsberg Maritime control systems which monitor and control the power plant (K-Chief) and propulsion units (K-Thrust) via a dual Ethernet LAN.

    Integrating all the functions required for monitoring, command and control of a DP vessel reduces the need for hardware and simplifies the interface requirements. The integrated versions of the K-Pos range of DP control systems provide the crew with increased system availability and enhanced operational performance.

DP functionality for the offshore energy industry

K-Pos DP control systems offer unique, industry-leading functions that address the needs of vessels in offshore oil and gas, and windfarm development

DP operator training with Kongsberg Maritime

  • Our DP simulator systems are used in training centres worldwide. This means that a high percentage of DP operators are familiar with Kongsberg Maritime’s DP products and systems. It also means that in a time when DP operators are in demand, it is easier to recruit and train DP operators for your vessels. Kongsberg Maritime also offers DP training courses and mission specific training.