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LNG Fuel Gas Supply System


The KONGSBERG LNG Fuel Gas Supply System (LNG-FGSS) is a complete system comprising of an LNG storage tank, LNG Process System, Bunker Station and Control& Safety System. 

The system is designed to supply gas in the range of 6-16 barg to dual fuel and pure gas engines. The LNG-FGSS is optimised to minimise the footprint onboard. It has been manufactured in compliance with IMO IGF, Class rules and industrial standards.

  • The TCS is welded to the tank end and contains all the process equipment for gas processing and safety systems.
  • The LNG Tank is of IMO-C type insulated by vacuum and perlite. All interface piping is located in one end inside the TCS.
  • The Bunker Station is designed as a separate skid.

The process system and bunker station are supplied with valves and instrumentation, with interfaces to instrument air, nitrogen, water/glycol and vent mast.

Container vessel_LNG (2).jpg
Tank with LNG Fuel Gas Supply System integrated


  • LNG fuel pump (10-16 barg supply
  • Pressure buildup unit (9 barg supply)
  • LNG vaporizer
  • Gas superheater
  • Supply line for one consumer
  • Freeflow BOG handling system
  • Piping system for bunkering, safety valves, overfill detection and level gauging
  • Bunker function from shipside
  • Control & Safety system
  • All instrumentation pre-wired to on-skid junction box.

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