Propulsion Drive

KONGSBERG Maritime water-cooled frequency converters are specially designed for marine installations where special demands regarding ambient conditions is required, as well as high-power density. Kongsberg Maritime water-cooled frequency converters are based on the “active front end” technology to avoid harmonic distortion, and can transfer power in both directions. 

Our robust, integrated electric propulsion system solutions can be optimized for different operational modes on a wide range of vessels, saving fuel and reducing emissions. Matching the right system to the vessel and its operating profile is the key to minimizing fuel consumption and emissions. 

A large number of vessels have operational profiles that can be split into a number of modes, where the power required is significantly different. The challenge for the designer is maximizing efficiency in each mode, so that fuel consumption and emissions can be minimized. 

KONGSBERG Maritime electric propulsion systems are transformer-less with variable frequency motors on a fixed frequency network. This means they are lighter and take up less space.


  • No need for phase shift transformers and will therefore save space, weight and installation costs 
  • Low harmonic distortion 
  • 4 quadrant power flows with adjustable limits for motoring and generating gives short ramp times in both directions 
  • User friendly with graphical HMI interface and alarm history recording and data loggers. 

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