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Simrad MS70 Current software version

Current software version

The current software version for this product is:

  • Simrad MS70: v1.3.0 (2017-04-28)


This software release only supports MS70 systems that use only a single Processor Unit. Those systems that still use six Beamformer computers in the Transceiver Unit can not use this software release.

Software release note

All applicable information related to this software release can be found in the Software Release Note.

Observe the link at the bottom of the page.

General information

We always recommend that you keep your products upgraded with the latest software version.

Whenever applicable, contact your local dealer for instructions. He can provide the software and the necessary software licenses (if required), and he will install the software for you. He can also provide other relevant advice related to the product and the installation.

You can only download the main product software applications from this website if you are one of our registered dealers or distributors. To download, log in through the Simrad Dealer Club.

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