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Simrad ES120-7C

The Simrad ES120-7C is a split-beam composite transducer with a large bandwidth.


Technical specifications

Download the Simrad ES120-7C data sheet.


See the information in the installation manual.

Order information

To order this product, or any of the optional items provided with it, contact your local dealer. Your dealer will also be able to help you with a detailed quotation including price and delivery information.

Product Order number In the box
Simrad ES120-7C
with open ended cable
KSV-204580 Transducer
Simrad ES120-7C
with subconnector
428873 Transducer

Optional items

These optional items are available for the installation. The items can be manufactured locally, or ordered from Simrad. The items are not included with the ES120-7C delivery, and must be ordered separately. The order number for the cable is included in case the original cable fitted to the transducer is too short.

Mounting- and clamping rings are required if you wish to install the transducer through a hull plating.

Product Order number In the box
Mounting ring ES1-204719  
Clamping ring ES1-203672  
Arctic tank 425089  
Transducer extension cable 642-078215 Used to extend open ended cable
Transducer extension cable 423127 10 m, with male and female subconnectors


Services and support

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