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Simrad FX

Is this the world’s most advanced trawl-mounted cable system?

The Simrad FX system is a next-generation trawl-monitoring system. It offers your choice of sonar heads, deployment packages, cameras, and sensors to suit most fisheries and research needs.

Key features

By innovative use of high-resolution real-time video, the Simrad FX system offers unique features to make your trawler operations more efficient.

  • Revolutionizes your ability to identify, analyze and catch
  • Live video feed from inside the trawl
  • Image capture and video recording
  • High-resolution colour sonar and echo sounder images
  • A small and lightweight system offers easy installation
  • Easy operation using the familiar user interface

System description

Simrad pioneered cable-based trawl monitoring systems. We are credited with the world's first trawl sonar in 1986. Since then, Simrad has continued to bring innovation and excellence to the fishing industry.

Sustainability presents a new challenge in the 21st century. Maintaining fish stocks, minimizing environmental impact, and effective fisheries management are driving principles in the fishing industry today. As a result, the fishing industry demands tools that enable sustainable fishing.

The Simrad FX system is our answer.

The Simrad FX system is an innovative and advanced catch monitoring system that allows you to monitor the fish activity inside your fishing gear using a live video stream, sonar, and sensors.

Besides acoustically identifying species and fish size, you want to see what goes into the net. This information allows you to take action immediately to avoid bycatch. You can further see the trawl movements in real-time with the FX system. Fish behaviour can also be observed in real-time, taking speculation and guesswork out of the equation.

Your choice of Headrope Unit

The Headrope Unit bundles various subsea components into a rugged deployment pack. There are currently three different Headrope Units available for the FX system. You can switch Headrope Units in the FX system anytime and continue using the same topside units. This flexibility means you can purchase different Headrope Units for different fisheries. Or, if your needs change in the future, you can easily update the Headrope Unit later. In addition, all the Headrope Units are compatible with or without a Camera Unit, which means you could build a catch-monitoring system that includes both sonar and video or only one or the other. If you still aren’t sure which Headrope Unit is right for you, try our online FX system selection wizard.

FM90i Headrope Unit

The FM90i Headrope Unit contains an FM90i multibeam trawl sonar. The advantage of multibeam technology is speed, providing a fast refresh rate for real-time sonar images. This sonar is suitable for midwater, pelagic, and surface fishing. It is ideal for mackerel, herring, blue whiting, and pollock fishing. A Pitch/Roll/Temp/Depth (PRTD) sensor is also included in an FM90i Headrope Unit. If you want to add PX sensors to your FX system, catch and door-spread hydrophones can be included too. Note that you must run the FM90i software to view the multibeam sonar data and the TV80 software to view the PX sensor data.

FX80i Headrope Unit

The FX80i Headrope Unit contains a DFS75L single-beam trawl sonar. The advantage of single-beam sonars is high image quality, providing the best high-resolution sonar data. This sonar is suitable for all types of fisheries. A Pitch/Roll/Temp/Depth (PRTD) sensor is also included in an FX80i Headrope Unit. If you want to add PX sensors to your FX system, catch and door-spread hydrophones can be included too. Note that you must run the DATSS software to view the single-beam sonar data and the TV80 software to view the PX sensor data.

Camera-only Headrope Unit

If you only need a video feed of the net and do not plan on expanding your system with sonar or PX sensors in the future, then a camera-only Headrope Unit is available. It contains a Camera HUB for a subsea connection to the Camera Unit.

System diagram

The Simrad FX system diagram provides an overview of the main components.

Simrad FX

(A) - Colour display(s)
(B) - Processor Unit (Computer)
(C) - Surface Telemetry Unit
(D) - Commercial netsounder (third-wire) cable on a winch (Not supplied by Simrad.)
(E) - Headrope Unit (The Headrope Unit may include Camera/Sensor HUB and/or other sensors, such as a sonar.)
(F) - Cable between the Headrope Unit and the Camera Unit (A separate winch is recommended for cables longer than approximately 60 meters.)
(G) - Camera Unit with camera and lights

Current software version

The current software version for the FX system is V1.0.3

All applicable information related to this software release can be found in the software release note.

The release note is only available in English.

Contact your local dealer for assistance. He/she can provide the software update and will install the software for you. Your dealer can also provide other advice related to the use and maintenance of your sonar system.

End-user documentation

A collection of end-user manuals and related documents for the Simrad FX system is provided. All public documents related to this product can be accessed using the links below. The documents are provided in several formats, including PDF, HTML, EPUB and/or CHM. When applicable, certain publications are available as interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM) on separate websites.


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  • Training

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