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Simrad BR90

The Simrad BR90 "FishNet 144" Maritime Broadband Radio is a smart communication system designed for use in fishery applications where digital high speed reliable communication and data transfer is crucial for efficient and safe operations.

Completely enclosed with integrated antennas the Simrad BR90 is designed for installations on small manned and unmanned vessels.

The Simrad BR90 is best choice if you need to connect equipment between vessels up to 15 km distance between them, and you need a data rate up to 5 Mb/s (depending on distance and Sea conditions). The unit has an integrated bracket for easy installation. With its neat and slim design, and only one cable to connect, the BR90 is easy to deploy on the vessel.

Each BR90 works in a network with two or more radio units. A radio site is one or several radio units connected together on one location. A radio network is a network of radio sites.

The BR90 gives you high speed, high capacity and extremely robust data, voice and video transfer between multiple vessels and other assets. It has demonstrated stable, high capacity communication in a maritime environment.CD019902_simrad_bottom_line_english.png

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