The power of innovation

Providing the full picture

Gunvor Hatling Midtbø
Kongsberg Maritime
Vice President – Comunication

In this issue of the Full Picture we meet global leaders who see opportunities where other see challenges – pioneering new ways of operating to access insight, performance and competitive advantage.

From the scientists at CERN in Geneva, aiming to redefine our understanding of the very universe, to shipowners such as UASC, Wilh. Wilhelmsen and BW, utilising the latest maritime technology to gaze into the future and build flexible, efficient and environmentally friendly vessels for the next 20 to 30 years. Our featured offshore industry players such as Allseas and Lundin are ripping up the rulebook to blaze their own trails, while Teekay, Maersk and Heerema demonstrate that investing in tomorrow’s training technology delivers powerful benefits today. For readers looking for truly revolutionary ideas, seek out Ocean Farming and KONGSBERG’S MBR, while those eager to get ‘a view from the top’ can connect with leading shipowner association CEOs. All this and much more awaits.

This magazine aims to give you the full picture of our dynamic ocean industries. Take a look from the perspective of the exciting companies featured here to unlock a whole new world of understanding.